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Company Name Hall No Stall No Category Website Country
Abhijat Equipments Pvt. Ltd. 1A B104 IMTEX www.abhijatequipments.com India
Abhijat Equipments Pvt. Ltd. 1A B104 IMTEX www.abhijatequipments.com India
Agile Machineries Pvt Ltd 1A A117 IMTEX www.agiletechworld.com India
Alex Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 1A B107 IMTEX www.alexmachinetools.com India
Askar Microns Pvt Ltd 1A A110 IMTEX www.askarmicron.co.in India
B.R. Precisions 1A A115 IMTEX www.brprecision.com;www.brvices.com India
Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. 1A A102 IMTEX www.bfwindia.com India
Brisk Tech Engineers 1A B110 IMTEX www.brisktechindia.com India
Chennai Metco Pvt. Ltd. 1A B102 IMTEX www.chennaimetco.com India
Concord United Products Pvt. Ltd. 1A A103 IMTEX www.concordunited.com India
Crane-Bel International Pvt. Ltd. 1A E101 IMTEX www.crane-bel.com India
Dipkala Engineering Works 1A A101 IMTEX www.dipkalabandsaw.com India
Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation Pvt. Ltd. 1A A114 IMTEX www.drwiesner.in India
EFD Induction Pvt Ltd 1A B111 IMTEX www.efd-induction.com India
Electronica India Ltd. 1A B115 IMTEX www.electronicagroup.com India
Felsomat India Pvt. Ltd 1A A104 IMTEX www.felsomat.com India
Fenwick and Ravi 1A B105 IMTEX www.far.co.in India
Forbes & Co. Ltd 1A E103 IMTEX www.totem-forbes.com;www.bradma-forbes.com India
GH Induction India Pvt. Ltd. 1A A106 IMTEX www.ghinduction.co.in India
Hi-Life Machine Tools Ltd. 1A C101 IMTEX www.hilifegroup.com India
ITL Industries Ltd. 1A C102 IMTEX www.itl.co.in India
K Engg. Products 1A B112 IMTEX www.kenggproducts.com India
Kennametal India Ltd. 1A B109 IMTEX www.kennametal.com India
Khushbu Engineers 1A B106 IMTEX www.khushbuindia.com India
Macpower CNC Machines Pvt Ltd 1A B101 IMTEX www.macpowercnc.com India
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd 1A A108 IMTEX www.mitsubishielectric.in India
Multicut Machine Tools 1A B114 IMTEX www.multicut.in India
Pride Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 1A B116 IMTEX www. pridemachines.net India
Pro B Products 1A B120 IMTEX www.probproducts.in India
Purshotam Company Pvt. Ltd. 1A A107 IMTEX www.purshotam.com India
Ratnaparkhi Electronics Industries Pvt Ltd 1A D101 IMTEX www.ratnaparkhiedm.com India
Saacke Machines & Tools Pvt. Ltd 1A D102 IMTEX www.saacke-india.com India
Seventh International 1A E102 IMTEX www.sevox.co.in India
Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd 1A A111 IMTEX www.smtgrinders.com India
Sparkonix (India) Pvt. Ltd. 1A B103 IMTEX www.sparkonix.com India
Spinks Impex 1A B108 IMTEX www.markolaser.com;www.spinksworld.com India
Square Engineering Works 1A A109 IMTEX India
Sunita Engineering Corporation 1A A105 IMTEX www.secengraving.com India
Tool Grinding Technologies Inc. 1A B118 IMTEX www.tgtindia.com India
Trishul Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 1A B113 IMTEX www.trishulmachine.com India
Tussor Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd. 1A A112 IMTEX www.pinacholathescnc.com India
Vigel Manufacturing Technologies (P) Ltd 1A C103 IMTEX www.vigel.com India
Yantrang Precise 1A A113 IMTEX www.yantrang.com India
ACME Manufacturing Co. 1B D101 IMTEX www.acmemfg.com United States
Allied Machine & Engineering 1B C102 IMTEX www.alliedmachine.com United States
AMT- The Association For Manufacturing Technology 1B C104 IMTEX www.amtonline.org United States
Association of Engineering Technology (SST) 1B I107 IMTEX www.sst.cz Czech Republic
Automated Precision Inc. 1B A102a IMTEX www.apisensor.com United States
Balance Systems Srl 1B B113 IMTEX www.balancesystems.com Italy
Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd 1B E108 IMTEX www.demina.cn China
B-to-O Superhard Materials Co., Ltd 1B A105 IMTEX www.b-to-o.com China
Chain-Headway Machine Tools Co., Ltd 1B B120 IMTEX www.chmt.com.tw/en/home.php Taiwan
Chengdu Bangpu Cutting Tools Co., Ltd 1B A103 IMTEX www.bpcarbide.com China
Chengdu Tianheng Tungsten Carbide Tools Co., Ltd 1B A105 IMTEX www.thcarbide.com China
Ching Hung Machinery & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 1B B115 IMTEX www.chmer.com Taiwan
Chum Power Machinery Corporation 1B B114 IMTEX www.chumpower.com Taiwan
CMS SPA 1B F110 IMTEX www.cmsindustries.it Italy
DP Technology Corp. 1B A104 IMTEX www.espritcam.com United States
Easy-Metric Inc 1B D109 IMTEX www.easymetric.com United States
Echaintool Industry Co., Ltd 1B B116 IMTEX www.echentools.com Taiwan
Ekin, S. Coop. 1B B107 IMTEX www.ekin.es Spain
Engis Corp. 1B D103 IMTEX www.engis.com United States
Essor International Inc. 1B B108 IMTEX www.essor.com.tw Taiwan
Etxe-tar, S.A. 1B E105 IMTEX www.etxe-tar.com Spain
European Committee For Cooperation of the Machine Tool Industries (CECIMO) 1B I104 IMTEX www.cecimo.eu Belgium
Fagor Automation S. Coop 1B D102 IMTEX www.fagorautomation.com Spain
Far East Machinery Co., Ltd./Factory Automation Technology Co., Ltd.(FEMCO) 1B A116 IMTEX www.femco.com.tw Taiwan
Farman Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. 1B B110 IMTEX www.farman.com.tw Taiwan
Gamor (Talleres Gamor, S.L.) 1B A108 IMTEX www.gamor.com India
German Machine Tool Builders Association (VDW) 1B I110 IMTEX www.vdw.de Germany
Gnutti Transfer S.p.A 1B F106 IMTEX www.gnuttitransfer.com Italy
Guangzhou Feihong Electromachinery Science Technology Co.,Ltd 1B E110 IMTEX www.sino-feihong.com China
Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., Ltd 1B A110 IMTEX www.haozhihs.com China
Gurutzpe Turning Solutions SL 1B E103 IMTEX www.gurutzpe.com Spain
Hangsterfer's Laboratories 1B C103 IMTEX www.hangsterfers.com United States
Hardinge Inc. 1B A102 IMTEX www.hardinge.com United States
Hebei Huayuan Machine Tool Accessories Co.,Ltd 1B E116 IMTEX www.lcjf.com.cn China
Ibarmia Innovatek, S.L.U 1B B104 IMTEX www.ibarmia.com Spain
ICEX -Spain Trade and Investments 1B E101 IMTEX www.icex.es Spain
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturer'S Association (IMTMA) 1B I112 IMTEX www.imtex.in India
Italian Technology Center 1B F112 IMTEX www.itc-india.in India
Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association (JMTBA) 1B I105 IMTEX www.jmbta.or.jp Japan
Jergens, Inc. 1B B103 IMTEX www.jergensinc.com United States
Juaristi Ts Comercial, S.L 1B D104 IMTEX www.juaristi.com Spain
Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (KOMMA) 1B I111 IMTEX www.komma.org Korea
Losma Spa 1B F102 IMTEX www.losma.in Italy
Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd 1B A107 IMTEX www.lyzcyrt.com China
Master Fluid Solutions 1B C101 IMTEX www.masterchemical.com India
Mastercam (CNC Software), Inc. 1B B101 IMTEX www.mastercam.com United States
Nicolas Correa, S.A. 1B A106 IMTEX www.correa.es;www.anayak.es Spain
Palmary Machinery Co., Ltd. 1B A118 IMTEX www.grinding.com.tw Taiwan
PMI / Precision Motion Industries, Inc. 1B G101 IMTEX www.pmi-amt.com Taiwan
QVI India Pvt Ltd 1B D111 IMTEX www.qviindia.com India
Safop S.P.A 1B F108 IMTEX www.safop.com Italy
Seedtec Machinery Co., Ltd. 1B B124 IMTEX www.seedtec.com.tw Taiwan
SGS Tool Co. 1B D107 IMTEX www.sgstool.com United States
Shanxi Fengyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 1B E106 IMTEX www.fyjxc.com China
Shuton, S.A. 1B B102 IMTEX www.shuton.com Spain
Speed Tiger Precision Technology Co., Ltd 1B B122 IMTEX www.carbide-tool.com.tw Taiwan
Speroni SPA 1B A114 IMTEX www.speronispa.com Italy
Sunus Tech Co., Ltd. 1B B112 IMTEX www.sunus.com.tw Taiwan
Supertec Machinery Inc. 1B B118 IMTEX www.supertec.com.tw Taiwan
Tacchi Giacomo E Figli SpA 1B F104 IMTEX www.tacchi.it Italy
Taiwan Association Of Machinery Industry (TAMI) 1B I108 IMTEX www.tami.org.tw Taiwan
Taizhou Xitong Tool Co.,Ltd 1B E104 IMTEX www.xi-tong.com China
The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) 1B I106 IMTEX www.mta.org.uk United Kingdom
TrimeK SA 1B B106 IMTEX www.trimek.com Spain
Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd. 1B G102 IMTEX www.tpi.tw Taiwan
Ucimu-Sistemi Per Produrre (UCIMU) 1B I109 IMTEX www.ucimu.it Italy
Vektek Inc. 1B D105 IMTEX www.vektek.com United States
XiAn Kitamura Precision Machine Works Co.,Ltd 1B E114 IMTEX China
Yangzhou RZF IMP and EXP Co., Ltd 1B B109 IMTEX China
Zayer, S.A. 1B B105 IMTEX www.zayer.com Spain
Zhejiang Xinxing Tools Co.,Ltd 1B E102 IMTEX www.ch-tools.com China
Zhuzhou Jinte Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd 1B A101 IMTEX www.jtcarbide.com China
Zhuzhou Kerui Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd 1B E112 IMTEX China
Abro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 2A C101 IMTEX www.abrobalancing.com India
Benco Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 2A A111 IMTEX www.bencoindia.com India
Bestek Engineering Pvt Ltd 2A B115 IMTEX www.bestekmachines.com India
CNC India Tools & Services Pvt. Ltd 2A A103 IMTEX www.cnc-india.com India
Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 2A B118 IMTEX www.dalalengineering.com India
Durr Ecoclean 2A B106 IMTEX www.durr-ecoclean.com India
East Coast Magnets Pvt Ltd. 2A B105 IMTEX www.sardamagnets.com India
Endo Kogyo India Pvt. Ltd. 2A A121 IMTEX www.endo-india.co.in India
Gala Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd 2A B114 IMTEX www.galagroup.com India
Galaxy Machinery Pvt. Ltd. 2A A108 IMTEX www.galaxymachinery.com India
Gedee Weiler Pvt. Ltd 2A B103 IMTEX www.gdweiler.com India
GOSTOL TST India Pvt.Ltd 2A B120 IMTEX www.gostol-in.net India
Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd. 2A A110 IMTEX www.grindmaster.co.in India
Gudel India Pvt. Ltd. 2A B107 IMTEX www.gudel.com India
HMT Machine Tools Ltd. 2A B113 IMTEX www.hmtmachinetools.com India
Inductotherm (India) Pvt Ltd 2A B102 IMTEX www.inductothermindia.com India
IPG Photonics (India) Pvt Ltd 2A A101 IMTEX www.ipgphotonics.com India
Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. 2A A106 IMTEX www.lmwcnc.com India
Laxman Kadva & Sons Pvt Ltd. 2A B112 IMTEX www.laxsonbandsaw.com India
Makino India Pvt Ltd 2A B101 IMTEX www.makinoindia.co.in India
Manisha Machinery Pvt Ltd 2A A105 IMTEX www.honingmachinery.com India
Marks Pryor Marking Technology Pvt Ltd 2A A123 IMTEX www.markspryor.com India
Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd. /Murata Machinery Ltd. 2A B111 IMTEX www.meibanengg.com India
Pinnacle Engineering Enterprise 2A B109 IMTEX www.pinnaclegrinder.com India
Radius Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 2A D101 IMTEX www.radius.net.in India
S & T Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 2A A104 IMTEX www.stengineers.com India
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. 2A A112 IMTEX www.SLTL.com India
Schenck Rotec India Limited 2A B104 IMTEX www.schenck-ind.com India
Sharda Mechanic Works Pvt. Ltd. 2A B110 IMTEX www.shardamachines.com India
Signage Products 2A A113 IMTEX www.signageprotec.com India
Speedfam (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2A D103 IMTEX www.speedfam.co.in India
Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd 2A A109 IMTEX www.strategiautomation.com India
Surya Machine Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd 2A B108 IMTEX www.suryamachines.com India
Swami Samarth Consultants 2A A115 IMTEX www.stampitcnc.com India
Swastik Engineers 2A A107 IMTEX www.keywaymillingindia.com India
Toolcraft Systems Pvt. Ltd. 2A A117 IMTEX www.toolcraft.in India
UCAM Pvt. Ltd. 2A A102 IMTEX www.ucamind.com India
Venus Automation Pvt Ltd 2A B116 IMTEX www.venusautomation.in India
Videojet Technologies India Pvt. Ltd 2A A119 IMTEX www.videojet.com India
Yuva Group 2A D102 IMTEX India
Alfred Jager Gmbh 2B A114b IMTEX www.alfredjaeger.de Germany
Allmatic-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH 2B B109c IMTEX www.allmatic.de Germany
Andreas Maier Workholding Technology Pvt. Ltd 2B A103 IMTEX www.amf.de India
APM Technologies 2B B111 IMTEX www.whitelightscanning.com India
Arno Friedrichs Hartmetall GmbH & Co.KG 2B F105 IMTEX www.afcarbide.com Germany
Avantec Zerspantechnik Gmbh 2B B126 IMTEX www.avantec.de Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg International 2B B107b IMTEX www.bw-invest.de Germany
Balluff India 2B C103 IMTEX www.balluff.com India
Baumüller India Pvt. Ltd 2B G107 IMTEX www.baumuller.in India
Bayern International - Bavarian 2B B109 IMTEX www.bayern-international.com Germany
Benz Gmbh Werkzeugsysteme 2B B108 IMTEX www.benz-tools.de Germany
BIAX-Schmid & Wezel GmbH 2B B124 IMTEX www.biax.de Germany
Blum-Novotest Measuring and Testing Technology Pvt.Ltd 2B B107c IMTEX www.blum-novotest.com India
Botek Prazisionsbohrtechnik Gmbh 2B B116 IMTEX www.botek.de Germany
Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd. 2B A106 IMTEX www.zeiss.co.in/imt India
CemeCon AG 2B D103 IMTEX www.cemecon.com India
CPT GmbH 2B F103 IMTEX www.cpt-tools.com Germany
EMAG INDIA Pvt. Ltd 2B A108 IMTEX www.emag.com India
Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH 2B B103 IMTEX www.junker.in India
ESA Eppinger GmbH 2B A109 IMTEX www.eppinger.de Germany
EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG 2B B107a IMTEX www.euchner.de Germany
Ews Weigele Gmbh & Co. Kg 2B B128 IMTEX www.ews-tools.de Germany
F. Zimmermann Gmbh 2B B102 IMTEX www.f-zimmermann.com Germany
Felss Shortcut Technologies 2B B122 IMTEX www.felss.com Germany
Festo India Pvt Ltd 2B A101 IMTEX www.festo.com India
FlexiCam GmbH 2B F104 IMTEX www.flexicam.com Germany
Fluid Logic Systems Pvt Ltd 2B F102 IMTEX www.systemshydraulics.com India
Gehring Technologies GmbH 2B B104 IMTEX www.gehring.de Germany
GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG 2B G105 IMTEX www.gmn.de Germany
Guenter Effgen Gmbh 2B A107 IMTEX www.effgen.de Germany
Harting India Pvt. Ltd 2B A111 IMTEX www.harting.in India
Hazet Werk Tools and Flott Drill Machines 2B G102 IMTEX www.ushafasteners.com India
Heinz Fiege GmbH 2B B109b IMTEX www.fiegekg.de Germany
Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH 2B A114 IMTEX www.htai.de Germany
Hydac India private Limited 2B A112 IMTEX www.hydac.com India
Ifm Electronic India Pvt. Ltd 2B E101 IMTEX www.ifm.com India
Index-Werke Gmbh & Co. Kg 2B B114 IMTEX www.index-traub.com Germany
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) 2B C104 IMTEX www.indo-german.com India
JENOPTIK India Pvt. Ltd. 2B F101 IMTEX www.jenoptik.com India
JOKARI-Krampe Gmbh 2B A104 IMTEX www.jokari.de Germany
KAPP Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH 2B A115 IMTEX www.kapp-niles.com Germany
Kelch Gmbh 2B B107 IMTEX www.kelch.de Germany
Klingspor India Pvt. Ltd 2B A114c IMTEX www.klingspor.de India
Komet Precision Tools India Pvt Ltd 2B B101 IMTEX www.kometgroup.com India
Konig-mtm GmbH, Spanntechnik 2B B118 IMTEX www.koenig-mtm.de Germany
Krebs & Riedel Schleifsheibenfabrik Gmbh & Co.Kg 2B A114e IMTEX www.krebs-riedel.de Germany
Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH 2B B109d IMTEX www.leistritz.com Germany
Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd 2B G101 IMTEX www.antivibrations.com India
Mapal India Pvt. Ltd. 2B A110 IMTEX www.mapal.com India
Mayr Antriebstechnik 2B F107 IMTEX www.mayr.com Germany
Mimatic GmbH 2B G106 IMTEX www.mimatic.de Germany
NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd. 2B C101 IMTEX www.ngctpl.com India
NILES Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH 2B A113 IMTEX www.kapp-niles.com Germany
Open Mind Technologies AG 2B G104 IMTEX www.openmind-tech.com Germany
Oriental Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd. 2B C102 IMTEX www.oewin.com India
Osborn International GmbH 2B A114a IMTEX www.osborn.de Germany
OTT- Jakob Spanntechnik GmbH 2B G108 IMTEX www.ott-jakob.de Germany
Paul Horn GmbH 2B B112 IMTEX www.phorn.de Germany
Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt. Ltd 2B A105 IMTEX www.phoenixcontact.com India
PVT Plasma Und Vakuum Technik Gmbh 2B A114f IMTEX www.pvtvacuum.de Germany
R. Stock AG 2B D105 IMTEX www.stock.de Germany
Rose Plastic India Pvt. Ltd 2B F106 IMTEX www.rose-plastic.com India
Samag Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH 2B G103 IMTEX www.samag.de Germany
Schunk Intec India Pvt Ltd 2B B105 IMTEX www.in.schunk.com India
Schwegler Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh & Co. KG 2B B109a IMTEX www.schwegler.de Germany
SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH 2B B120 IMTEX www.shw-wm.de Germany
Siemens Ltd 2B A102 IMTEX www.siemens.com/sinumerik India
SMS Maschinenbau GmbH 2B B110 IMTEX www.sms-albstadt.de Germany
Suave Engineering 2B A116 IMTEX www.suaveengg.com India
Teknic Euchner Electronics Pvt. Ltd 2B E102 IMTEX www.teknic.co.in India
TIBO Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH 2B B104 IMTEX www.tibo.com Germany
Vollmer Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 2B D102 IMTEX www.vollmer-group.com India
Weidmueller Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. 2B D101 IMTEX www.weidmueller.com India
WIKUS-Saegenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG 2B A114d IMTEX www.wikus.de Germany
Wolf Maschinenbau AG 2B B106 IMTEX www.wolf-maschinenbau.de Germany
Abhi Fine Products 3A C101 IMTEX www.abhifineproducts.com India
Anca Pty Ltd 3A A103 IMTEX www.anca.com Australia
Beijing Chn-Top Sci & Tech Co.,Ltd 3A A107 IMTEX www.zhongtuo.net China
Blaser Swisslube India Pvt. Ltd. 3A A119 Tooltech www.blaser.com India
Brother International India Pvt. Ltd 3A A112 IMTEX www.brother.in India
Chiron-Werke Gmbh & Co. KG 3A B110 IMTEX www.chiron.de Germany
Darshana Industries Pvt Ltd 3A B120 Tooltech www.darshanaindustries.com India
DMG Mori Seiki Co. Ltd 3A B113 IMTEX www.dmgmori.com Japan
Doosan Machine Tools Co., Ltd 3A A110 IMTEX www.doosanmachinetools.com Korea
Durga Bearings Company Pvt Ltd 3A E101 Tooltech www.durgabrgs.com India
Emkay Tools 3A B124 Tooltech www.emkaytools.com India
Empire Machine Tools (MCAT Division) 3A B103 IMTEX www.emtmcat.com India
Francis Klein & Co. Pvt. Ltd. 3A B105 IMTEX www.francisklein.in India
Gama Automation Systems Pvt Ltd 3A C103 IMTEX www.cnc.support India
GF Machining Solutions Pte Ltd 3A A106 IMTEX www.gfms.com/sg Singapore
Grob Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd 3A B108 IMTEX www.grobgroup.com India
GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG 3A B108 IMTEX www.grobgroup.com Germany
Guhring India Pvt. Ltd. 3A A116 Tooltech www.guhring.in India
Hainbuch GmbH Spannende Technik 3A B116 Tooltech www.hainbuch.com Germany
Heidenhain Optics & Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. 3A D101 Tooltech www.heidenhain.in India
Heller India Pvt. Ltd/Gebr Heller 3A B112 IMTEX www.heller.biz India
Hexagon Metrology (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3A A123 Tooltech www.hexagonmi.com India
Igus (India) Pvt Ltd 3A B117 Tooltech www.igus.in India
Indo Nihon Technologies 3A F101 Tooltech www.indonihon.co.in India
Klingelnberg India Pvt. Ltd 3A B111 IMTEX www.klingelnberg.com India
Komatsu Ntc Ltd. 3A A104 IMTEX www.komatsu-ntc.com Japan
Korloy India Tooling Pvt .Ltd 3A A124 Tooltech www.korloy.com India
Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd. 3A A125 Tooltech www.kristeel.com India
Larsen & Toubro Cutting Tools Ltd 3A A118 Tooltech www.iscar.com India
LMT India Private Limited 3A B115 Tooltech www.lmt-tools.com India
Maco Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd 3A C106 IMTEX www.macocorporation.com India
Mandar Industries 3A C102 IMTEX India
Marksman 3A A102 IMTEX www.pinmarking.com Korea
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd. 3A C105 IMTEX www.mehtaindia.com India
Microtech Machines 3A C104 IMTEX www.microtechmachines.com India
MMC Hardmetal India Pvt Ltd 3A A122 Tooltech www.mitsubishicarbide.com India
Nissin Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 3A B101 IMTEX www.nissin-mfg.co.jp/en/ Japan
Octagon Precision (India) Pvt. Ltd 3A A117 Tooltech www.octagon.co.in India
OSG (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3A B122 Tooltech www.osg-india.com India
Paragon Machinery Co.,Ltd 3A B104 IMTEX www.paragoncnc.com/zh/-tw/company-profile/ Taiwan
Ravik Engineers Pvt Ltd 3A A101 IMTEX www.ravikengineers.com India
Renishaw Metrology Systems Ltd 3A B123 Tooltech www.renishaw.com India
Riya Electrodes Pvt Ltd 3A B126 Tooltech India
Rollomatic SA 3A A114 IMTEX www.rollomatic.ch Switzerland
Sandvik Asia Pvt Ltd. 3A B121 Tooltech www.sandvik.coromant.com India
Sipcon Instrument Industries 3A E102 Tooltech www.sipconinstrument.com India
SKB Machine Tools 3A A111 IMTEX www.skbmachinetools.com India
Sodick Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 3A A105 IMTEX www.sodick.co.in India
Taegutec India Pvt Ltd. 3A A120 Tooltech www.taegutec-india.com India
Tech Mech Handling Equipment 3A E104 Tooltech www.techmechgroup.com India
Tecnologie FRB Srl 3A B118 Tooltech www.technologiefrb.com Italy
Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH 3A A113 IMTEX www.thielenhaus.us Germany
Trevisan Macchine Utensils 3A B102 IMTEX www.trevimac.com India
Tungaloy India Pvt. Ltd. 3A B119 Tooltech www.tungaloy.co/jp/in India
Turnmax Machine Tools 3A A115 Tooltech www.turnmax.in India
United Grinding Group AG 3A B107 IMTEX www.grinding.ch Switzerland
Willemin-Macodel SA 3A B109 IMTEX www.willemin-macodel.com Switzerland
WTO GmbH 3A B114 Tooltech www.wto.de Germany
Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt. Ltd. 3A A108 IMTEX www.mazakindia.in India
Yamazen Machinery & Tools India Pvt Ltd 3A A109 IMTEX www.yamazen.co.in India
Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd 3A B106 IMTEX www.ycmcnc.com Taiwan
Yuken India Ltd 3A A121 Tooltech www.yukenindia.com India
Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt Ltd 3B B106 Tooltech www.accurategauging.com India
Accusharp Cutting Tools Pvt. Ltd. 3B B107 Tooltech www.accusharp.co.in India
Anand Engineers Pvt Ltd 3B C124 Tooltech www.molygraph.com India
Arntz Techsaw Pvt. Ltd 3B C121 Tooltech www.arntzindia.com India
Autodesk India Pvt Ltd 3B A139 Tooltech www.autodesk.in India
Avi Oilless Die Components (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3B C126 Tooltech www.avioilless.com India
Baker Gauges India Pvt Ltd. 3B A108 Tooltech www.bakergauges.com India
BBW Brushes Pvt Ltd 3B A103 Tooltech www.bangalorebrush.com India
Bombay Tools Supplying Agency (Pvt.) Ltd 3B A127 Tooltech www.bombaytools.com India
CADEM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 3B C114 Tooltech www.cadem.com India
CAMWorks 3B A124 Tooltech www.geometricglobal.com India
CeramTec GmbH 3B B101 Tooltech www.spk-tools.de Germany
CNCTimes Pvt. Ltd. 3B A137 Tooltech www.cnctimes.com India
Customised Technologies Pvt Ltd. 3B A118 Tooltech www.rapidi.in India
DencoHappel GmbH 3B A129 Tooltech www.dencohappel.com Germany
Diamond Abrasive Products 3B C117 Tooltech www.diamondabrasiveproducts.com India
Emmppe Associates 3B F102 Tooltech www.emmppe.com India
Faro Business Technologies India Pvt Ltd. 3B A101 Tooltech www.faro.com/india India
Ferro Foundries Pvt. Ltd 3B C116 Tooltech www.ferrotiger.com India
GP Petroleums Ltd 3B C109 Tooltech www.gulfpetrochem.com India
Green Automation System 3B C130 Tooltech www.greenautomation.com India
Haimer India Pvt. Ltd. 3B B103 Tooltech www.haimer.in India
Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. 3B A122 Tooltech www.henkel.in India
Ind-Sphinx Precision Ltd. (Unit-B) 3B A114 Tooltech www.axis-microtools.com India
Industrial Mill Gin Stores 3B C104 Tooltech www.yuzuki.co.in India
Insize India 3B F101 Tooltech www.insize.in;www.insize.com India
K. C. Precision 3B C105 Tooltech www.kcpindia.com India
Kitagawa India Pvt. Ltd. 3B C113 Tooltech www.kitagawaindia.com India
Kosmek Ltd 3B C115 Tooltech www.kosmek.co.jp Japan
KTA Spindle Toolings 3B C118 Tooltech www.ktaspindletoolings.com India
Kudale Instruments Pvt Ltd 3B C110 Tooltech www.kudaleinstruments.com India
Kwality Forge 3B C112 Tooltech www.kwalityforge.com India
Lex Technoaid Intenational Pvt. Ltd 3B E102 Tooltech www.lextechnoaid.com India
Linear Ways India 3B A115 Tooltech www.linearways.in;www.linearmotion.in India
Luthra Pneumsys 3B A123 Tooltech www.pneumsysenergy.com India
Machine Elements 3B C123 Tooltech www.machineelements.in India
Marposs India Pvt Ltd 3B A112 Tooltech www.marposs.in India
Mechengg Industries 3B A135 Tooltech India
Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt Ltd 3B A116 Tooltech www.mitutoyoindia.com India
Miven Mayfran Conveyors Pvt. Ltd. 3B A110 Tooltech www.mivenmayfran.com India
MST Corporation 3B C101 Tooltech www.mst-corp.co.jp Japan
Neelkanth Power Solutions 3B C128 Tooltech www.neelpower.com India
Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Pvt. Ltd. 3B C119 Tooltech www.oerlikon.com/balzers India
Orcan Products of India 3B A105 Tooltech www.orcan.com India
Pepperl+ Fuchs India Pvt Ltd 3B A113 Tooltech www.pepperl-fuchs.com India
Perfect Magnets 3B A133 Tooltech www.prefectmagnets.in India
Precision Products Marketing Pvt Ltd 3B E103 Tooltech www.precisionproducts.in India
Rajasthan Udyog & Tools Pvt Ltd 3B A119 Tooltech www.rajasthanudyog.com India
Ramm Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. 3B C108 Tooltech www.rmcollet.com India
Renuka Tools 3B A117 Tooltech www.renukatools.in India
Royal Tech Engineers 3B F105 Tooltech www.comfortcastors.com India
Rudrali Hi Tech Tools Pvt. Ltd 3B C107 Tooltech www.rudralihitechtools.com India
S & T Plastic Machine Pvt Ltd 3B C122 Tooltech India
Sharp Industries 3B A109 Tooltech www.sharpindustries.org India
SMW Autoblok Work Holding Pvt. Ltd. 3B C102 Tooltech www.smwautoblok.in India
Sovereign Tech Engineering Services (P) Ltd. 3B A102 Tooltech www.sovereigntech.in India
SRS Technologies 3B A131 Tooltech India
Sur Hennig Pvt. Ltd. 3B B110 Tooltech www.hennig-gmbh.de India
Sylvac SA 3B C106 Tooltech www.sylvac.ch Switzerland
The M. K. Morse Company 3B E105 Tooltech www.mkmorse.com United States
THK India Pvt. Ltd 3B B112 Tooltech www.thk.com India
TMC Measuring Instruments Pvt.Ltd. 3B D101 Tooltech www.tmcinstruments.com India
Transor India Pvt Ltd 3B E101 Tooltech India
Transtech Gears Pvt Ltd 3B A125 Tooltech www.transtechgears.com India
Trimos India Pvt.Ltd 3B C106 Tooltech www.sylvac.ch India
Tyrolit India Superabrasive Tools Pvt. Ltd 3B A104 Tooltech www.tyrolit.com India
Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt. Ltd 3B A121 Tooltech www.hydrojet.co.in India
Unique Plus 3B F103 Tooltech India
Universal Engg. & Mfg. Industry 3B B105 Tooltech www.universaltool.co.in India
Uptech Engineering 3B C120 Tooltech www.uptechengineering.com India
U-Tech Associates 3B B108 Tooltech www.u-techindia.com India
V P Industries 3B C111 Tooltech www.vpindustries.co.in India
Vargus Ltd. 3B B102 Tooltech www.vargus.com Israel
Veekay Industries 3B A111 Tooltech India
VT Tools Pvt. Ltd 3B A107 Tooltech www.vikastools.com India
Wave Tools & Technologies 3B A126 Tooltech www.wavetools.co.in India
Wenzel South Asia Pvt. Ltd 3B A120 Tooltech www.wenzel-group.com India
Xceed Toolings Pvt Ltd 3B C103 Tooltech www.xceedgroup.in India
YG Cutting Tools Corporation Pvt. Ltd. 3B A106 Tooltech www.yg1.kr India
Zavenir Daubert India Pvt. Ltd. 3B B109 Tooltech www.zavenir.com India
Zoller Singapore Pte Ltd. 3B B104 Tooltech www.zoller.info Singapore
Amcats Pvt. Ltd 3C B101 Tooltech www.amcats.com India
Apex Precision Mechatronix Pvt. Ltd. 3C A102 Tooltech www.apexprecision.co.in India
Armatech Associates 3C A119 Tooltech www.armatechassociates.in India
Asahi Diamond Industrial Co. Ltd 3C A131 Tooltech www.asahidia.co.jp India
Atlantic Lubricants & Specialities Pvt. Ltd 3C C104 Tooltech www.motul.com India
Biltz Cutting Tools Company 3C D104 Tooltech www.biltzindia.com India
Camfil Air Filtration India Pvt. Ltd 3C A111 Tooltech www.camfil.in India
Carbtools (India) Pvt Ltd 3C A112 Tooltech www.carbtools.co.in India
Carl Bechem Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd 3C D102 Tooltech www.bechemindia.com India
Carmet Tools & Inserts 3C B112 Tooltech www.carmettools.com India
Ceratizit India Round Tool Solutions Pvt Ltd 3C A120 Tooltech www.ceratizit.com India
Control And Framing Systems 3C A121 Tooltech www.cafsystems.in India
Craftsman Automation Pvt. Ltd 3C B125 Tooltech www.craftsmanautomation.com India
Delta Electronics India Pvt Ltd 3C C108 Tooltech www.deltaelectronicsindia.com India
Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd 3C B106 Tooltech www.vibrationmountsindia.com;www.dynemech.com India
EBERLE JN & CIE 3C B118 Tooltech www.eberle-augsburg.com Germany
EHWA Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd 3C A116 Tooltech www.ehwadia.com Korea
Elesa and Ganter India Pvt. Ltd. 3C C103 Tooltech www.elesa-ganter.com India
EOS GmbH India Brach Office 3C A118 Tooltech www.eos.info India
Falcon Toolings 3C B123 Tooltech www.falcontoolings.com India
Finetech Toolings 3C D126 Tooltech www.finetechtoolings.com India
Fuchs Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3C D120 Tooltech www.fuchsindia.com India
Geepax 3C D121 Tooltech www.geepax.net India
Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt Ltd 3C D110 Tooltech www.geminiindia.com India
General Imsubs Pvt. Ltd 3C C111 Tooltech www.giplindia.com India
Hartner GmbH 3C B108 Tooltech www.hartner.de Germany
Hawe Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. 3C C110 Tooltech www.hawe.com/en-in/ India
Heimatec Gmbh 3C A107 Tooltech www.heimatec.de Germany
Hitech Metrology Pvt. Ltd. 3C D103 Tooltech www.mahrhitech.com India
HMB International 3C B122 Tooltech www.vaico.in India
Hoffmann Quality Tools India Pvt. Ltd 3C C102 Tooltech www.hoffmann-group.com India
IBK Engineers Pvt Ltd 3C D117 Tooltech www.ibizkart.com India
Imao Corporation 3C A109 Tooltech www.imao.biz Japan
JDS Motion Engineering 3C A135 Tooltech www.jdsmotion.com India
Kabelschlepp India Pvt. Ltd 3C D101 Tooltech www.kabelschlepp.in India
Kalaimakal Systems Pvt Ltd 3C A133 Tooltech www.kalaimakal.com India
Kalpar Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 3C A124 Tooltech www.kalpar.in India
Kamal & Co 3C C119 Tooltech www.factorydisplay.com India
KB Lubes Pvt Ltd 3C D112 Tooltech www.lubrinox.com India
Keyence India Pvt Ltd 3C B118a Tooltech www.keyence.co.in India
Knowell International Pvt. Ltd. 3C D122 Tooltech www.knowell.co.in India
Kriatec Services Pvt Ltd. 3C C113 Tooltech www.kriatecglobal.com India
Kyocera CTC Precision Tools Pvt Ltd 3C A104 Tooltech www.kyocera.com.sg India
Lenox India Pvt. Ltd. 3C B111 Tooltech www.lenoxtools.com India
M.A.Ford Asia-Pacific Ltd 3C B110 Tooltech www.mafordap.com India
Machine Tools World 3C C109 Tooltech www.mtwmag.com India
Magnus Solutions Pvt. Ltd 3C D124 Tooltech www.magnussolutions.in India
Maxon Precision Motor India Pvt Ltd 3C A137 Tooltech www.maxonmotor.in India
Mechatronics Control Equipments India Pvt Ltd 3C B103 Tooltech www.mechatronicscontrol.com India
Metalcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd 3C A123 Tooltech www.metalcam.com India
Mill Max Tools Pvt Ltd 3C D108 Tooltech www.millmax.com India
Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd 3C A106 Tooltech www.muvtons.com India
Nickunj Eximp Entp. P. Ltd. 3C C106 Tooltech www.nickunj.com India
NT Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd 3C C121 Tooltech www.nttool.com/en Thailand
Oilmax Systems Pvt. Ltd. 3C A105 Tooltech www.oilmaxsystems.com India
OM Manufacturers 3C A113 Tooltech www.ommanufacturers.com India
Oriental Motor (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3C A110 Tooltech www.orientalmotor.co.in India
OSNA+ENZFELDER PVT LTD 3C A130 Tooltech www.osnaelectronics.net;www.enzfelder.at India
Pace India 3C B102 Tooltech www.paceindia.com India
Polyworks Software India Pvt Ltd 3C D107 Tooltech www.polyworks.in India
Precise Engineering Works 3C A117 Tooltech www.precisegohil.com India
Raj Petro Specialities Pvt. Ltd. 3C A101 Tooltech www.rajgrp.com India
Reliance Calibration Laboratory 3C D116 Tooltech www.reliancecalibration.com India
Rigibore India Pvt Ltd. 3C C105 Tooltech www.rigibore-india.com India
Rigicut Tools Pvt. Ltd 3C A108 Tooltech www.rigicuttools.com India
Rittal India Pvt. Ltd. 3C D105 Tooltech www.rittal-india.com India
Robin Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. 3C D115 Tooltech www.bloodtools.com India
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd 3C C101 Tooltech www.rooptelsonic.com India
S. S.Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd. 3C D106 Tooltech www.sstoolsindia.com India
Schneeberger India Pvt. Ltd. 3C B107 Tooltech www.schneeberger.com India
Servomax India Pvt. Ltd 3C A127 Tooltech www.servomax.net India
Shakti Saifra Precision Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd 3C D111 Tooltech www.shaktisaifra.com India
Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. 3C A128 Tooltech www.shinwasokutei.co.jp/english/ Japan
Shobha Industries Pvt. Ltd. 3C D109 Tooltech www.shobha-india.com;www.glanze.com India
Sigma Engineers 3C A125 Tooltech www.sigmatoolings.com India
Solar Diamond Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd 3C A114 Tooltech www.solardiamondtools.com India
Solarius 3C B115 Tooltech www.solarius-inc.com United States
Sovereign Syndicate 3C D128 Tooltech www.sovereignsyndicate.com India
Spares & Components Co Pvt Ltd 3C C112 Tooltech www.spco.in India
Speciality Urethanes Pvt Ltd 3C B126 Tooltech www.suprathane.com;www.blickle.com;www.suprawheel.com India
Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd 3C B114 Tooltech www.sphoorti.com India
Sterling Abrasives Ltd 3C D118 Tooltech www.sterlingabrasives.com India
Strub Co. AG 3C A122 Tooltech www.strub-lube.com Switzerland
Tantragna Engineering LLP 3C D113 Tooltech www.tantragnaengg.com India
Teksai Systems 3C A126 Tooltech www.teksai.in;www.indiamart.com/teksaisystems India
Tenryu Saw India Pvt. Ltd 3C B104 Tooltech www.tenryu-saw.com India
Tosei Engineering Pvt Ltd 3C B105 Tooltech www.toseieng.co.jp India
Triag International 3C D119 Tooltech www.newballbearing.com;www.triag-int.ch India
Trinitek Tooling Solutions 3C C115 Tooltech www.trinitektools.com/contactus.php India
Trucut Precision Tools Pvt Ltd 3C B109 Tooltech www.trucut-tool.com India
TSI Power Pvt. Ltd. 3C A115 Tooltech www.tsielecpower.com India
Unity Controls Pvt Ltd 3C C117 Tooltech www.unitycontrols.in India
Universal Industries 3C A129 Tooltech India
Vikas Industrial Suppliers Pvt Ltd 3C C107 Tooltech www.vikas-india.com India
Widin Co., Ltd 3C B120 Tooltech www.iwidin.com Korea
Wohlhaupter India Pvt. Ltd. 3C A103 Tooltech www.wohlhaupterindia.in;www.wohlhaupter.com India
YH Tools Manufacturers 3C D114 Tooltech www.niconvises.com India
ABB India Ltd 4 B137 IMTEX www.abb.co.in/robotics India
Abbott Toolfast Pvt. Ltd. 4 B105 IMTEX www.toolfastclamps.com India
Abexmatic Hydraulics Pvt Ltd 4 A155 IMTEX www.abexmatichydraulics.com India
Ace Designers Ltd. 4 B108 IMTEX www.acedesigners.com India
Ace Manufacturing Systems Ltd. 4 B106 IMTEX www.amsl.in India
AceMicromatic Manufacturing Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd. 4 C107 IMTEX www.pioneerct.com India
Acumac Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 B122 IMTEX www.acumacmachines.com India
Advanced Machine ToolTesting Facility (AMTTF) 4 C102 IMTEX India
AIMS Technologies 4 A161 IMTEX India
Arrow Machine Tools 4 F101 IMTEX www.arrowmachinetools.com India
Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) 4 C112 IMTEX www.acma.info.com India
Beijing Hbs Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd 4 C142 IMTEX www.hbs-markingmachine.com China
Beijing Ribbon International Exhibition Co., Ltd 4 C120 IMTEX www.ribbonfairs.com China
Bhavya Machine Tools 4 K105 IMTEX www.bhavyamachinetools.com India
Breton SpA /Heatly & Gresham India Pvt Ltd 4 B130 IMTEX www.hgresham.com India
Broach Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd 4 A110 IMTEX www.khemkabroach.com India
C. P. Agencies 4 D102 IMTEX www.cpagencies.co India
Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) 4 C131 IMTEX www.cmti-india.net India
Changchun Rongde Optics Co., Ltd 4 A135 IMTEX www.roundssencoder.com China
Changzhou North Carbide/ Alloy Tool Co., Ltd 4 A129 IMTEX www.dohre.com China
Chrystec Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 4 B118 IMTEX www.chrystec.com India
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) 4 C114 IMTEX www.cii.in India
Creative Engineering 4 B133 IMTEX www.creativeengg.in India
Dalian Machine Tool Group Corp 4 A130 IMTEX www.dmtg.com China
Danobat Grupo Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd. 4 A118 IMTEX www.danobatgroup.com India
Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) 4 C108 IMTEX www.dhi.nic.in India
Dongguan Hippsc Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd 4 A127 IMTEX www.hippsc.com China
Drass Automation 4 N102 IMTEX www.drassautomation.com India
Drupe Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 4 A114 IMTEX www.drupeengg.com India
DVS Technology Group 4 C117 IMTEX www.dvs-technology.com Germany
Electronica Hitech Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd 4 B120 IMTEX www.electronicahitech.com India
Energy Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 A136 IMTEX www.geetaengineering.com India
Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) 4 C122 IMTEX India
ETA Technology Pvt. Ltd 4 J102 IMTEX www.etatechnology.in India
FANUC India Pvt. Ltd. 4 B121 IMTEX www.fanucindia.com India
Fermat Group, A.S. 4 B128 IMTEX www.fermatmachinery.com Czech Republic
Fine Handling & Automation Pvt Ltd 4 B131 IMTEX www.fine-handling.com India
Flexspeed Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd 4 B103 IMTEX www.flexspeed.in India
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd 4 L101 IMTEX www.fluroengg.com India
Geeta Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 4 A138 IMTEX www.geetaengineering.com India
Gleason Works (India) Pvt. Ltd 4 B116 IMTEX www.gleason.com India
Global CNC Automation 4 B104 IMTEX www.globalcnc.in India
Global Marketing Services 4 P101 IMTEX www.gms-india.com India
Government of Karnataka (GOK) 4 C122 IMTEX India
Gravotech Engineering Pvt. Ltd 4 C121 IMTEX www.gravotech.com India
Gujarat Lathe Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd 4 B125 IMTEX www.gujaratlathe.com India
Henan E-Grind Abrasives Co., Ltd 4 A141 IMTEX www.egrindwheel.com China
Hindustan Export & Import Corporation Pvt. Ltd 4 B126 IMTEX www.heiindia.com India
HTT Engineering Pvt Ltd 4 A107 IMTEX www.htt-india.com India
Hwacheon Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd 4 A116 IMTEX www.hwacheon.com Singapore
Hytech Machine Tool & Automation India Pvt. Ltd 4 B107 IMTEX www.hmtaindia.com India
Hyundai Wia India Pvt. Ltd. 4 A134 IMTEX www.hyundai-wia.com India
IEMCA, A BUCCI Automations Spa Division 4 C135 IMTEX www.iemca.com Italy
IMEXSU Group 4 D104 IMTEX www.imexsu.in India
Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai 4 C104 IMTEX India
Indotech Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd. 4 D101 IMTEX www.indotechmachines.com India
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd 4 A112 IMTEX www.isgec.com India
Jay Engineers 4 B124 IMTEX www.mascottools.in India
Jiangxi Just Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd 4 C136 IMTEX www.jstcnc.com.cn China
Jinagoudra Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 4 E101 IMTEX www.jinamachinetools.com India
Jinan Institute of Metallurgical Science Co., Ltd 4 A133 IMTEX www.jimscarbide.com China
Jinan Liaoyuan Machine Co., Ltd 4 A153 IMTEX www.solterra-cm.com China
Jinan Tianchen Aluminum Machine Corp. Ltd 4 A139 IMTEX www.tianchencnc.com China
Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd 4 A106 IMTEX www.jyoti.co.in India
Kaifeng Besco Superabrasives Co.,Ltd 4 A151 IMTEX www.bescosa.net China
Kistler Instruments India Pvt Ltd 4 A147 IMTEX www.kistler.com India
KTK Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd 4 A124 IMTEX www.ktkindia.com India
Landnok Chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd 4 A119 IMTEX www.xf-chemical.en.alibaba.com;www.xf-chemical.en.made-in-china.com China
Lapmaster Wolters India Pvt Ltd 4 C119 IMTEX www.lapmaster-wolters.co.in India
Lokesh Machines Ltd. 4 B102 IMTEX www.lokeshmachines.com India
Longkou Bluetooth NC Equipment Co.,Ltd 4 C152 IMTEX www.bluetoothcnc.com China
Machine Tools India Ltd 4 B101 IMTEX www.mactool.com India
MAG IAS GmbH (FFG Europe & Americas 4 A120 IMTEX www.ffg-werke.com Germany
MAG India Industrial Automation 4 A120 IMTEX www.mag-ias.com India
Marshall Machines (P) Ltd. 4 B113 IMTEX www.marshallcnc.com India
MIC Machine Tools Industries 4 E102 IMTEX www.micmachinetools.com India
Micromatic Grinding Technologies Ltd. 4 C111 IMTEX www.micromaticgrinding.com India
Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 4 C109 IMTEX www.acemicromatic.net India
Microtek Grinding Machines Pvt Ltd 4 B119 IMTEX www.microtekmachines.com India
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co. Ltd 4 B114 IMTEX www.mhiindia.com Japan
Mollart Engineering Ltd. 4 A117 IMTEX www.mollart.com United Kingdom
Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. 4 B123 IMTEX www.nachi-fujikoshi.co.jp Japan
Nanjing Jsc Trading Company Limited 4 C134 IMTEX www.jscmachinery.com China
Nano Superlattic (Pinghu) Ltd 4 C160 IMTEX China
National Institute of Design (NID) 4 C118 IMTEX www.designclinicsmsme.org India
Okuma India Pvt. Ltd. 4 C103 IMTEX www.okumaindia.com India
Peddinghaus Corporation 4 A113 IMTEX www.peddinghaus.com United States
Perfect Machine Tools Co. Ltd. 4 J101 IMTEX www.pmtcoltd.net India
Phoenix Tools 4 A165 IMTEX www.superthreading.com, phoenixtools.in India
PMT Machines Ltd. 4 B110 IMTEX www.pmtmachines.com India
POFI Precision Co., Ltd 4 A137 IMTEX www.pofisystem.com China
Pragati Automation Pvt Ltd 4 C105 IMTEX www.pragati-automation.com India
Precision Machinekraft Pvt Ltd 4 C113 IMTEX www.pmkindia.com India
Precision Machines Corp 4 A145 IMTEX www.precisionmake.com India
Precitec Precision Machineries Pvt. Ltd 4 N101 IMTEX www.precitec.co.in India
Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd 4 C133 IMTEX www.proteckmachinery.com India
PSG Industrial Institute 4 M102 IMTEX www.psgmachinetools.org India
Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Corpration Ltd 4 A121 IMTEX www.qzsk.cn China
Reedeep Technik 4 A115 IMTEX India
Rohit Polishers 4 E103 IMTEX www.rohitpolishers.com India
S & T Machinery Pvt. Ltd 4 B132 IMTEX India
Sajraj Technologies 4 A101 IMTEX www.sajraj.com India
Samputensili Machine Tools Srl 4 A122 IMTEX www.samputensili.com Italy
Sands Precision Pvt. Ltd 4 K103 IMTEX www.sandsprecision.co.in India
Sandstorm Equipment Co. 4 A108 IMTEX www.sandstorm.net.in India
Sap Technical & Marketing Consultants 4 A104 IMTEX www.saptechnical.co.in India
Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co.,Ltd. 4 A123 IMTEX www.fincncmachine.com China
ShangHai Industrial Tool Supply Inc 4 C138 IMTEX www.its-cut.com China
Shanghai Yixing Machine Tool Co., Ltd 4 A131 IMTEX www.chyixing.com China
Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co., Ltd 4 C132 IMTEX www.szccm.com/en/ China
Shilpin Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 A103 IMTEX www.shilpin.co.in India
Slovacke Strojirny, A.S. 4 C162 IMTEX www.sub.cz Czech Republic
Spectra-Tech 4 H103 IMTEX www.spectratechindia.com India
SPM Tools 4 B109 IMTEX www.spmtools.co.in India
Sri Laven Engineering Pvt Ltd 4 H101 IMTEX www.srilaven.com India
SriYantra Engineers Pvt. Ltd 4 B112 IMTEX www.sriyantra.co.in India
Starrag India Pvt Ltd 4 C101 IMTEX www.starrag.com India
Stitch Overseas Pvt. Ltd 4 C115 IMTEX www.stitchtools.com India
Strojimport A.S 4 C164 IMTEX www.strojimport.com Czech Republic
Suntech Landriani Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 M101 IMTEX www.suntechlandriani.com India
Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt. Ltd. 4 A163 IMTEX www.silasers.com India
Surface Finishing Equipment Co. 4 A157 IMTEX www.sfecindia.net India
Systemantics India Pvt Ltd 4 D103 IMTEX www.systemantics.com India
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. 4 C127 IMTEX www.tal.co.in India
Tasa Micro Special Purpose Machines Pvt. Ltd. 4 C123 IMTEX www.tasamicro.com India
Technogem Engineers Pvt. Ltd 4 A109 IMTEX www.technogemengineers.com India
Tekcel Engineering Pvt Ltd 4 B115 IMTEX www.tekcelautomation.com India
Thakoor Maschinen Fabrik 4 A111 IMTEX www.thakoor.com India
Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association (TAGMA) 4 C116 IMTEX www.tagmaindia.or India
TOS Hulin A.S 4 C166 IMTEX www.toshulin.cz Czech Republic
Tos Kurim-OS, a.s. 4 C168 IMTEX www.tos-kurim.cz Czech Republic
Toyoda Micromatic Machinery India Pvt Ltd 4 I101 IMTEX www.jtekt.co.jp India
Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. 4 A102 IMTEX www.tsugami.co.in India
Ugam Beam Science Pvt Ltd 4 A159 IMTEX www.ugamlaser.com India
Wendt India Ltd 4 C125 IMTEX www.wendtindia.com India
West Coast Engineering Corporation 4 B117 IMTEX www.specialmachines.net India
Worldwide Industrial Machinery Ltd 4 A105 IMTEX www.wim.hk China
XL CNC Machines 4 K101 IMTEX www.xlcncm.com India
Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd 4 C158 IMTEX www.yhcncmt.com China
Zeal Tech Automation 4 B111 IMTEX www.zealtechautomation.in India
Zhejiang Sunshine Machinery Co.,Ltd 4 A149 IMTEX www.ishan.com.cn China
Zhengzhou Berlt Superhard Cutting Tools Co., Ltd 4 A143 IMTEX www.berlt.com China
Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd 4 A132 IMTEX www.zhengzuanchina.com China
Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd 4 C156 IMTEX www.jxcarbide.com China
Zhuzhou Sant Cutting Tools Co., Ltd 4 C154 IMTEX www.hnsant.com China
Zhuzhou Tongda Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd 4 A125 IMTEX www.tdcarbide.com China
Accurate Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. 6 A104 Tooltech www.accurateengg.com India
Ag Gauging Systems And Equipments 6 C114 Tooltech India
Alkon Plastics Pvt. Ltd. 6 A112 Tooltech www.alkonplastics.com India
Austin Engineering Company Ltd 6 D108 Tooltech www.aec.com India
Bemco Fluidtechnik Pvt Ltd 6 C110 Tooltech www.fluidik.co India
CP Grat - Ex Manufacturing Company 6 C102 Tooltech www.deburringtools.com India
Dropsa Spicelube India Pvt Ltd 6 C118 Tooltech www.dropsa.com India
Dynascan Inspection Systems Company 6 A105 Tooltech www.dynascan.info India
Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (I) Pvt. Ltd. 6 A106 Tooltech www.electropneumatics.com India
Emdeetec 6 C105 Tooltech www.emdeetec.com India
Erowa South East Asia Pte Ltd 6 A110 Tooltech www.erowa.com Singapore
Fibro India Precision Products Pvt Ltd 6 B101 Tooltech www.fibro.com India
Honsberg Saws India Pvt. Ltd 6 C107 Tooltech www.honsberg.de India
Humifogg Systems 6 A117 Tooltech www.homifoggsystem.com India
Innovative Automation Products 6 B105 Tooltech www.innovativedro.com India
Janatics India Pvt. Ltd. 6 B106 Tooltech www.janatics.com India
Jash Precision Tools Ltd 6 B102 Tooltech www.jashmetrology.com India
Kapsun Resources Corporation 6 C116 Tooltech www.kapsun.com India
KJK MeisterHonen Pvt Ltd 6 A102 Tooltech www.meisterhonen.in India
Kumbhojkar Plastic Moulders 6 C108 Tooltech www.kumbhojkarplastics.com India
Lapp India Pvt Ltd 6 B110 Tooltech www.lappindia.com India
Maheshwari Wires Pvt. Ltd 6 A109 Tooltech www.maheshwariwires.com India
Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd 6 B108 Tooltech www.mahr.in India
Metafold Engineering Pvt Ltd 6 D102 Tooltech www.metafold.com India
Mikronix Gauges Pvt. Ltd. 6 C103 Tooltech www.mikronix-gauges.com India
Nippon Oil Pump India Pvt. Ltd 6 A103 Tooltech www.nopgroup.com India
NSK India Sales Company Pvt Ltd 6 D104 Tooltech www.nsk.com India
Pace Assembly Tools 6 A113 Tooltech www.pacetools.in India
Rajamane Industries Pvt. Ltd. 6 A101 Tooltech www.rajamane.com India
Sai Impex 6 A115 Tooltech www.saiimpexindia.com India
Samchully Machinery Co., Ltd. 6 A108 Tooltech www.samchully.com Korea
Setco Spindles India Pvt. Ltd 6 B107 Tooltech www.setco.com India
Sikka Precision Technologies 6 C104 Tooltech www.sikkacollets.com India
Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd. 6 A114 Tooltech www.sinfo-t.jp/eng/ Japan
SolidCAM Software India Pvt. Ltd 6 C101 Tooltech www.solidcam.com India
State Engineering Corporation 6 D101 Tooltech www.secochuck.com India
Statfield Equipment Pvt. Ltd. 6 A107 Tooltech www.statfieldequipments.com India
Suhner India Pvt Ltd 6 C111 Tooltech www.suhner.com India
Sumax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 6 B104 Tooltech www.sumaxenterprises.com India
Supersonic 6 A111 Tooltech www.ultrasonic.net.in India
Tespa Tools Pvt Ltd 6 B103 Tooltech www.tespaindia.com India
Tisa Enterprises 6 C106 Tooltech www.tisaclamp.com India
Tsudakoma Corporation 6 C109 Tooltech www.tsudakoma.co.jp Japan
Unity Gauge & Tool Co. Pvt. Ltd. 6 D103 Tooltech www.unitygroup.co.in India
Veeraja Industries 6 C112 Tooltech www.veeraja.com India
Yeshwant Industries 6 D106 Tooltech www.yeshwantind.com India
Addison & Co Ltd 7 D106 Tooltech www.addison.co.in India
Airtech Pvt. Ltd. 7 B107 Tooltech www.airtechindia.com India
Ametek Instruments India Pvt. Ltd 7 B111 Tooltech www.ametek.in India
Apex Industries Pvt. Ltd. 7 A105 Tooltech www.apexmachinenevices.com India
Attend Me 7 B136 Tooltech www.attendme.in India
Bhagwati Tools Pvt. Ltd 7 A101 Tooltech www.bhagwatitools.com India
Bohler-Uddeholm India Ltd 7 B127 Tooltech www.bohlerindia.com India
Branson Ultrasonics 7 B146 Tooltech www.bransonultrasonics.com India
Brasstech Engineering Pvt. Ltd 7 A139 Tooltech www.brasstechengineering.com India
Cad Macro Design and Solutions Pvt Ltd 7 E102 Tooltech www.cadmacro.com India
Canares Engineering Co 7 C105 Tooltech www.canares.com India
Chennai Brushtek 7 B120 Tooltech www.chennaibrushtek.in India
Chuckmatic Pvt Ltd 7 B109 Tooltech India
Clasys 7 B106 Tooltech www.clasys.in India
Cleantek 7 B119 Tooltech www.cleanvacindia.com India
Coburg Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd 7 A121 Tooltech www.coburgindia.com India
Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt Ltd 7 E103 Tooltech www.ckonnect.in India
Dartech Hydraulics 7 A124 Tooltech www.dartechhydraulics.com India
Dee-Kay Clutches Pvt. Ltd. 7 A123 Tooltech www.deekayclutch.com India
Designtech Systems Ltd 7 D109 Tooltech www.designtechsys.com India
DHFL 7 A126 Tooltech www.dhfl.com India
Dijet Industrial Co., Ltd. 7 D102 Tooltech www.dijet.co.jp Japan
Dilip Material Handling Equipments 7 B124 Tooltech www.diliplifttruck.com India
Dropco Multilub Systems Pvt Ltd 7 A106 Tooltech www.dropco.com India
DTR Corporation 7 A122 Tooltech www.dtrtool.com Korea
Electronica Tough Carb Ltd 7 A134 Tooltech www.toughcarb.com India
Elektromag Methods 7 A104 Tooltech www.elektromag.com India
ELGI Equipments Ltd 7 D103 Tooltech www.elgi.com India
ESA Software and Automation India Pvt Ltd 7 B138 Tooltech www.esa-automation.com India
Exxonmobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd 7 B121 Tooltech www.mobil.com/en/industrial India
Fine Spavy Associates & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 7 B101 Tooltech www.finegrouptest.com India
Gaurav Engineers 7 A127 Tooltech www.gauravengineers.com India
Gishnu Gears 7 B132 Tooltech www.gishnugears.in India
GMT GLOBAL INC 7 A113 Tooltech www.gmtlinear.com Taiwan
Gole Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd. 7 B140 Tooltech www.goletools.com India
Goodwill Precision Machinery Co., Ltd 7 E101 Tooltech www.goodvisioncn.com China
Guangzhou Qianyang Metals & Mechinery Co., Ltd 7 A109 Tooltech www.jys-co.com China
Guindy Machine Tools Ltd. 7 A128 Tooltech www.gmt.co.in India
Hardcastle Petrofer Pvt Ltd 7 A119 Tooltech www.hardcastlepetrofer.com India
Hegde Precision Engg. Works 7 C102 Tooltech www.hegdeprecision.co.in India
Hitachi Koki India Pvt Ltd. 7 B125 Tooltech www.hitachi-koki.in India
Hiwin Technologies Corp. 7 A120 Tooltech www.hiwin.tw Taiwan
Huizhou Prosper Cnc Machine Co.,Ltd 7 A132 Tooltech www.prospercnc.com China
IMI Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 7 B103 Tooltech www.imitoolsindia.com India
Insight Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. 7 B108 Tooltech www.insightengg.com India
Ionbond Coatings Pvt Ltd 7 A102 Tooltech www.ionbond.com India
J. N. Tools 7 B128 Tooltech www.jntools.net India
Jai Balaji Controlgears Pvt. Ltd. 7 D105 Tooltech www.jaibalaji.firm.in India
Jain Diamond Tools 7 A125 Tooltech www.jaindiamondtools.com India
Kleenoil Filtration India Pvt. Ltd. 7 B102 Tooltech www.kleenoilindia.com India
Labotech Microscopes India Pvt Ltd 7 A133 Tooltech www.laboamerica.com India
Marut Energy Equipments Pvt Ltd 7 B123 Tooltech www.amtplindia.com India
Max Precision Bearings Pvt. Ltd 7 A107 Tooltech www.maxbearings.com India
Millenia Technologies 7 B117 Tooltech www.millenia-technologies.com India
MK Industrial Suppliers 7 B122 Tooltech www.mkis.in India
Modsonic Instruments Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd 7 A110 Tooltech www.modsonic.com India
NCSIMUL – SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd. 7 B126 Tooltech www.simtek.in India
Neos Air Filtration Pvt Ltd 7 B133 Tooltech www.naf.co.in India
Nikon India Pvt. Ltd 7 A112 Tooltech www.nikonmetrology.com India
NRB Industrial Bearings Ltd 7 A130 Tooltech www.nrbindustrialbearings.com India
Otto Bilz (India) Pvt Ltd 7 A114 Tooltech www.bilzindia.com India
Powder Metallurgy Association of India 7 A129 Tooltech www.pmai.in India
Pratap Tex Chem Pvt Ltd. 7 A108 Tooltech www.pratapchem.com India
Precise High Speed Spindle Service Center Pvt Ltd 7 B144 Tooltech www.fischerspindle.com/facilities/precise India
Prime Technologies 7 D101 Tooltech www.Gear-Testers.com India
Riddhi Machine Tool Technology 7 A118 Tooltech www.rmtt.co.in India
Rollon India Pvt Ltd 7 B129 Tooltech www.rollonindia.in India
Schmersal India Pvt. Ltd 7 A116 Tooltech www.schmersal.com India
Sharp Chucks and Machines Pvt Ltd 7 B113 Tooltech www.sharpchucks.com India
Shilpa Enterprises 7 B114 Tooltech www.shilpabellows.com India
Shree Ganesh Engineering Works 7 B142 Tooltech www.shreeganeshinspection.com India
Shuter Enterprises India Pvt Ltd 7 D104 Tooltech www.shuter.in India
Silmax Tools India Pvt Ltd 7 B112 Tooltech www.silmax.it India
SIT S.p.A 7 B118 Tooltech www.sitspa.it Italy
Span Associates 7 C104 Tooltech www.spanassociates.co.in India
Span Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd 7 B115 Tooltech www.@sfspl.co.in India
Staubli Tec Systems India Pvt Ltd 7 B105 Tooltech www.staubli-india.in India
Swift Industrial Corporation 7 A115 Tooltech www.swiftindustrial.in India
Tapco Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd 7 A103 Tooltech www.tapco.co.in India
Tectyl Oil and Chemical India Pvt. Ltd 7 C101 Tooltech www.tectylasia.com India
Universal Abrasives 7 B134 Tooltech www.universalabrasives.in India
Uttam Tools 7 B116 Tooltech www.uttamtools.com India
V. M. Traders 7 A111 Tooltech www.vmtraders.com India
Vijay Gears 7 B104 Tooltech www.vijaygears.com India
Vinko Auto Industries Ltd 7 A137 Tooltech www.alaskavinko.com India
VPS Technology India Pvt Ltd 7 A135 Tooltech www.vpstechnics.in India
Wintegral Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 7 C103 Tooltech www.wintegral.co.in India
Wood Craft 7 A117 Tooltech www.woodcraft-india.com India
Xtreme Gaming Pvt Ltd 7 B148 Tooltech www.xtremecooler.com India
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