Facts & Figures (IMTEX 2015)

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IMTEX 2015 was organized amidst neo-positive sentiments across industries which lifted the event to be one of the best shows raising the bar on all fronts.

Manufacturing had showed a positive growth in the second half of 2014. The industry was growing and the ambitious project of 'Make in India' had enabled the growth of the manufacturing industry sector leading to an increase in the production and consumption of machine tools, and an overall improvement in the macro-economic conditions.

Visitor Analysis

Total Number of Visitors 89,000

Visitors Represented – Company Turnover

  • 43% of the visitors represented Micro & Small Industries
  • 39% of the visitors represented Large Scale Industries
  • 18% of the visitors represented Small & Medium Industries

Visitors – Position Wise

  • 52% of the visitors Represent Decision Makers
  • 17% Represent Technical Department