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Company Name
Hall No
Stall No
A Innovative International Ltd 2A B118 India www.ainnovative.com
Aardwolf Material Handling Solutions 4 A138 India www.aardwolf.co.in
Abexmatic Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd 4 M101 India www.abexmatichydraulics.com
Abicor Binzel Technoweld Pvt. Ltd 3A C125 India www.binzel-abicor.com
Abro Technologies Pvt. Ltd 2A F101 India www.abrobalancing.com
ABV Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd 4 A101 India www.abvindia.com
Accufix Precision Tools Pvt. Ltd 3A N102 India www.accufixtools.com
Accurate Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd 3A I106 India www.accurateengg.com
ADK Engineering and Solutions 4 C123 India
Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility (AMTTF) 3A R108 India
Agile Machineries Pvt Ltd 2A B109 India www.agiletechworld.com
Aida India Pvt. Ltd 4 B104 India www.aida.com.sg
Amada (India) P.Ltd 4 B108 India www.amadaindia.co.in
Amcats Pvt. Ltd 3A D110 India www.amcats.com
Ampco Metal India Pvt Ltd 3A F103 India www.ampcometal.com
AMT- The Association For Manufacturing Technology 3A Q109 United States www.amtonline.org
Angel India Cad Cam Pvt. Ltd 2A A112 India www.angelindia.co.in
Anhui Donghai Machine Tool Co.,Ltd 3A A106 China www.adhmt.com
Anhui Huaxia Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd 3A J103 China www.hxjc.com.cn
Anhui Liyuan CNC Blade Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd 3A A108 China www.ahliyuan.com
API Technical Services (India) Pvt Ltd 3A B108 India www.apisensor.com
APM Technologies 3A I101 India www.apmtech.in
Arabian Petroleum Ltd 3A C121 India www.arabianpetroleum.co.in
Arku Maschinenbau GmbH 4 A133 Germany www.arku.com
Artech Welders Pvt Ltd 2A B103 India www.artechengg.com
Ashok Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd 2A B115 India www.amcautomation.in
Automatic-Systeme Dreher Gmbh 4 C104 Germany www.dreher.de
Ayyappa Welding Service 4 Q106 India www.ayyappawelding.com
Bajaj Machinery Corporation 2A B114 India www.bmi-global.com
Beck & Pollitzer India 4 L101 India www.beck-pollitzer.com
Beckhoff Automation Pvt. Ltd 3A C104 India www.beckhoff.co.in
Beijing CTB Servo Co., Ltd 3A K105 China www.ctb.com.cn
Beijing Research Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Technology 3A L105 China www.brimet.ac.cn
Beijing Ribbon International Exhibition Co., Ltd 3A C132 China www.ribbonfairs.com
Benco Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd 2A A109 India www.bencoindia.com
Big Champion 3A C124 Indonesia www.bigabrasive.com
Birson Industries (Regd) 2A A121 India www.birson.com
Bohler Uddeholm India Pvt Ltd 3A N108 India www.bohlerindia.com
Bordignon Trading Srl 3A C122 Italy www.bordignon.com
Bruderer Presses (India) Pvt.Ltd 4 C103 India www.bruderer.com
Bystronic Laser India Pvt. Ltd 4 B106 India www.bystronic.com
Camfil Air Filtration India Pvt. Ltd 3A D105 India www.camfil.in
Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd 3A C102 India www.zeiss.co.in
Carlstahl Craftsman Enterprises Pvt. Ltd 3A B114 India www.carlstahlcraftsman.com
CCPIT Machinery Sub- Council (CCPIT MSC) 3A A130 China www.chinamachine.cn
Central Tool Room and Training Centre (CTTC, Bhubaneswar) 4 A140 India www.cttc.gov.in
Changchun Rongde Optics Co., Ltd 3A P108 China www.roundssencoder.com
Changzhou Guangxin Tools Co., Ltd 3A K104 China www.nmm419.com
Chen Li Machinery Co., Ltd 3A P104 Taiwan www.cl-micron.com
Chennai Metco Pvt. Ltd. 3A B106 India www.chennaimetco.com
Chian Chang Machine Co., Ltd 3A M105 Taiwan www.pressmachine.com.tw
Chiao Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd 3A M104 Taiwan www.tubebender.com.tw
China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association (CMTBA) 3A China www.cmtba.org.cn
Chiu Ta Hydraulic Machine Mfg. Co.,Ltd 3A L109 Taiwan www.chiuta.com.tw
CKS Cable Solutions Pvt Ltd 3A N111 India www.cksindia.com
Cloos India Welding Technology Pvt Ltd 4 C128 India www.cloos.de
CNC Automation Solution 4 C125 India
Coherent Laser India Pvt Ltd 4 B127 India www.coherentlaserindia.com
Colton Industries 2A B107 India www.coltonweld.com
Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry (CCMI) 3A R104 China www.chinaforge.org.cn
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) 3A R101 India www.cii.in
Conic Co., Ltd 4 A129 Japan www.conic.co.jp
Crane Bel International Pvt. Ltd 4 A123 India www.crane-bel.com
CRI Pumps Pvt. Ltd 3A F102 India www.crigroup.com
Customised Technologies (P) Ltd. 3A F106 India www.customisedtechnologies.com
D. B. Engineering Solutions LLP /S. K. BERI & BROTHERS 3A I104 India www.skberi.com
Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd 2A A115 India www.dalalengineering.com
Dalmec Industrial Manipulators (I) Pvt. Ltd 4 A128 India www.dalmec.com
Data Automation / Sterile Safequip and Chemicals LLP 4 B133 India www.ssqllp.com
Data M Sheet Metal Solutions Gmbh 3A G106 Germany www.data-m.com
DAVI - Batliboi Ltd 2A A117 India www.batliboi.com
Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd 3A M110 Taiwan www.deesgroup.com.tw
Designtech Systems Ltd 3A D111 India www.designtechsys.com
Devson Presstech Pvt. Ltd 2A A113 India www.devsonpowerpresses.com
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. 3A B113 India www.dhfl.com
Dhuru Engineers 3A C119 India www.fixto.in
Dilip Material Handling Equipments 4 A139 India www.diliplifttruck.com
Divide By Zero Technologies 4 B131 India www.divbyz.com
Dongguan Dehan Tools Co, Ltd 4 N105 China www.dehantools.com
Dongguan Jinding Machinery Co.,Ltd 4 P104 China
Drupe Engineering Pvt. Ltd 4 C105 India www.drupeengg.in
DURMAZLAR MAKINA- Quattro Engineering India Ltd 4 A114 India www.quattroengg.com
Dynascan Inspection Systems Company 3A B101 India www.dynascan.info
Dynemech Systems Pvt. Ltd 3A G104 India www.dynemechsystems.com
Eckelmann AG Hall 4 B113 Germany www.eckelmann.de
Ecoclean /Schenck Rotec India Ltd 3A F101 India www.ecoclean-group.net
Edelweiss Retail Finance Ltd 4 C133 India www.edelweissretailfin.com
Electronica Hitech Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 B109 India www.electronicahitech.com
Elektromag Methods 3A P101 India www.elektromag.com
Elesa And Ganter India Pvt. Ltd. 3A D103 India www.elesa-ganter.in
Emmppe Associates 3A C109 India www.zappcool.com
Empire Machine Tools - MFTM Division 4 C130 India www.emtmftm.com
Energy Mission Machineries India Pvt. Ltd 2A B116 India www.energymission.com
Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd 4 A105 Japan www.enomt.co.jp
Esautomotion Controls 3A C115 India www.esautomotion.com
ETA Technology Pvt. Ltd 2A A108 India www.etatechnology.in
Faccin SpA 4 B116 Italy www.faccin.com
FANUC India Pvt. Ltd 4 A116 India www.fanucindia.com
Faro Business Technologies India Pvt Ltd. 3A B102 India www.faro.com/india
Fein Power Tools India Pvt Ltd 3A E101 India www.fein.in
Felss Shortcut Technologies 3A J102 Germany www.felss.com
Ferro Foundries Pvt. Ltd 3A C117 India www.ferrotiger.com
Fibro India Precision Products Pvt Ltd 3A D104 India www.fibro.com
Ficep SpA 4 C108 Italy www.ficepgroup.com
Fine Handling and Automation Pvt. Ltd 2A F108 India www.fine-handling.com
Fine Worth Engineering & Services 4 R103 India
Flow Asia Corporation 4 A127 Taiwan www.flowwaterjet.com
Fluid Logic Systems Pvt. Ltd 3A C106 India www.systemshydraulics.com
Forbes & Company Ltd 4 A122 India www.totem-forbes.com
Francis Klein & Co. Pvt. Ltd 4 A120 India www.francisklein.in
Fraunhofer 3A R106 India
Frechem Gmbh & Co. Kg 4 B118 Germany www.frechem.com
Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd 2A A110 India www.frictionwelding.in
Fronius India Pvt. Ltd 4 C111 India www.fronius.com
Future Technologies 3A H104 India www.futuretechnologies.biz
Gabella Macchine SpA 4 A108 Italy www.gabella.it
Gasparini S.P.A. 4 A106 Italy www.gasparini-spa.com
GD Hans Yueming Laser Group Co., Ltd 4 E101 China www.hanslaser.net
Gecam Srl 4 C118 Italy www.gecam.com
Gem Orion Machinery Pvt Ltd 4 G103 India www.gemorion.in
Gemtool Co., Ltd 3A M101 Taiwan www.gemtool.com.tw
Geo Informatics Consultant Pvt. Ltd. 3A C101 India www.gicpl.com
Gerb Vibration Control Systems Pvt. Ltd 3A J108 India www.gerb.com
German Machine Tool Builders Association (VDW) 3A Q105 Germany www.vdw.de
GH Induction India Pvt. Ltd 2A A104 India www.ghinduction.co.in
Givi Misure Pvt.Ltd 3A B109 India www.givimisureindia.com
GMA Garnet (Middle East) FZE 4 J101 United Arab Emirates www.gmagarnet.com
GMT GLOBAL INC. 3A B110 Taiwan www.gmtlinear.com
Godson Bending Systems Pvt.Ltd 2A D106 India www.godson-india.com
Goodwill Imex 4 R101 India www.keomachines
GOSTOL TST India Pvt.Ltd 3A A111 India www.gostol-in.net
Gravotech Engineering Pvt. Ltd 2A E102 India www.gravotech.com
Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd 2A B110 India www.grindmaster.co.in
Guangzhou Hymson Laser Technology Co., Ltd 3A C112 China www.hymson.com
Guthle Pressenspannen Gmbh 3A J104 India www.guethle-swt.de
GVK Metalforms Pvt. Ltd 4 A104 India www.gvkmetalforms.com
Haco Machinery Pvt. Ltd 4 C119 India www.haco.com
Haeusler AG Duggingen 4 C107 Switzerland www.haeusler.com
Hangzhou Hirono Tools Co.,Ltd 3A L104 China www.hirono.com.cn
Harbin Tool Works 3A P106 China www.hrbtool.com
Hardcastle Petrofer Pvt Ltd 4 P103 India www.hardcastlepetrofer.com
Hatebur Metalforming Equipment. Ltd 4 A111 Switzerland www.hatebur.com
Heatrotherm 3A A109 India www.heatrotherm.com
Hebei Huayuan Machine Tool Accessories Co.,Ltd 3A L103 China www.lcjf.com.cn
Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd 3A K106 India www.hfpress.com
Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt. Ltd 3A C126 India www.henkel.in 
Heta Services 4 G101 India www.hetaservices.in
Hexagon Metrology (India) Pvt. Ltd 3A D106 India www.hexagonmi.com
Himalaya Machinery Pvt .Ltd 4 A130 India www.himalayamachine.com
Hind Hydraulics & Engineers 4 A118 India www.hindpress.co.in
Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. 2A A102 India www.hindustanhydraulics.com
Hiwin Technologies Corp. 3A H102 Taiwan www.hiwin.tw
Howfit Science and Technology Co., Ltd 4 B129 China www.haohuijx.com
HPB Motion Control Co., Ltd 3A P102 Taiwan www.hpb-industry.com
Huaheng Automation Pvt Ltd 4 N101 India www.hhautomation.in
Huen Chen Machinery Co., Ltd 3A M103 Taiwan www.huenchen.com.tw
Humifogg Systems 4 B132 India www.homifoggsystem.com
Hydropower Tech Engineering 3A A107 India www.hydropowertech.in
Hypertherm (India) Thermal Cutting Pvt Ltd 4 C102 India www.hypertherm.com
Hytek Marketing 4 I102 India www.hytekmarketing.biz
Igus India Pvt. Ltd. 3A B104 India www.igus.in
Imperial Products of India 2A A107 India www.imperial-Products.co.in
Incredible Machines 2A A125 India www.incrediblemachines.in
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) 3A Q101 India www.imtma.in
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce 3A India www.indo-german.com
Ind-Sphinx Precision Ltd (Unit B) 4 B128 India www.infini.co.in
Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd 2A B101 India www.inductothermindia.com
Indus Arc Power Pvt Ltd 4 C120 India www.indusarc.com
Industrial Interface India (3i) 4 A103 India www.3iindia.com
Infion Advanced Laser Systems Pvt Ltd 4 G104 India www.infionlaser.com
Infrared Optics 4 K104 India www.infraredoptics.in
Ing Yu Precision Industries Co., Ltd 3A M106 Taiwan www.ingyu.com
Ionbond Coatings Pvt Ltd 3A B105 India www.ionbond.com
IPG Photonics (India) Pvt. Ltd 3A A101 India www.ipgphotonics.com
IRC Automation (M) SDN BHD 4 B126 Malaysia www.tng-irc.com.my
Iron Srl 4 C117 Italy www.iron.it
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited 2A B102 India www.isgec.com
Itech Robotics and Automation Pvt Ltd 4 C129 India www.irobotics.co.in
ITL Industries Ltd 4 I101 India www.itl.co.in
Japan Machine Tool Builders' Association (JMTBA) 3A Q113 Japan www.jmbta.or.jp
Jayshree Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 3A A115 India www.jayshreemachinetools.com
Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.,Ltd 3A Q102 China www.bodor.com
Jinan Evershining CNC Machine Co.,Ltd 3A A126 China www.jngx.com.cn
Jinan Haoyu Automation System Co., Ltd 3A C128 China www.haoyucnc.com
Jing Duann Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd 3A C118 Taiwan www.jdmcl.com.tw
Jupiter Industrial Works 4 M103 India www.powerpressduplex.com
Jupiter Roll Forming Pvt. Ltd 4 B115 India www.jupiterrollforming.com
Jyi Chyng Machinery Co., Ltd 3A A114 Taiwan
Kabelschlepp India Pvt. Ltd 3A G102 India www.kabelschlepp.in
Kaifeng Besco Superabrasives Pty Ltd 3A P110 China www.bescosa.net
Kanefusa India Pvt. Ltd. 3A D107 India www.kanefusa.net    
Kapasi Inc 3A B107 India www.kapasiinc.com
Kapsun Resources Corporation 3A D101 India www.kapsun.com
Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd 3A J106 India www.kaercher.com/in
Kaushico Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 2A E104 India www.kaushico.com
Kawa Press Systems Pvt. Ltd 2A A111 India www.kawapresses.com
Keith Electronics Pvt Ltd 4 A136 India www.kepl.co.in
Keje Thermoweld Equipments Pvt. Ltd 2A E106 India www.kejetherm.com
Keyence India Pvt Ltd 4 C110 India www.keyence.co.in
Kirpekar Engineering Pvt. Ltd 2A A114 India www.kirpekarengg.com
Kirti Pressings Pvt. Ltd 2A A103 India www.kirtipressings.com
Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma Und Maschinen Gmbh - ECKELMANN AG 4 B113 Germany www.kjellberg.de
KMT Waterjet/ Karolin Machine Tool Pvt. Ltd 4 C116 India www.kmt-waterjet.com
Kriti Inter-Trade 4 B125 India www.kriti-group.com
Kunshan Gu Dong Preciston Tool Technology Co., Ltd 4 N103 China
Lamba Press & Shears 4 G102 India www.lambaps.net
Laser Automation Pvt Ltd 4 A131 India www.laserautomation.in
Laser Technologies Pvt. Ltd 4 B117 India www.lasertechnologies.co.in
Lean Tech Engineering 4 P101 India
Leoni Cable Solution India Pvt. Ltd 3A J101 India www.leoni-cable.com
Lien Chien Machinery Co., Ltd 4 B123 Taiwan www.lienchieh.com
Losma SpA /Italian Technology Centre 3A A105 Italy www.losma.in
LVD-Strippit India Pvt.Ltd 4 A112 India www.lvdindia.com
M. D. Corporation 2A B105 India www.mdcorpindia.com
M.A.Zavery & Co. 4 B135 India www.mazavery.com
Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co.,Ltd 3A C114 China www.zymt.cn
Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd 3A H105 India www.antivibrations.com
Machine Tools (India) Ltd 4 B110 India www.mactool.com
Magal Engineering Co. India Pvt. Ltd 4 A110 India www.magal.co.in
Mahr Metrology India Pvt. Ltd 3A H107 India www.mahr.in
Malles Automated and Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd 4 P102 India www.mallesautomation.com
Mansoori Weldarc India Pvt. Ltd 2A A123 India www.weldarcindia.com
Marksman 4 A107 Korea www.pinmarking.com
Maruka India Pvt. Ltd 4 C106 India www.maruka.co.jp
Marut Energy Equipments Pvt Ltd 4 B124 India www.amtplindia.com
Marvel Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd 2A F102 India www.marvelmachinery.com
Maxphotonics Co., Ltd 4 H101 China www.maxlasers.com
MDL Vishal India Pvt. Ltd 3A H103 India www.mdl-india.com
Mechelonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd 2A C101 India www.mechelonic.in
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd 4 C134 India www.mehtaindia.com
Mercury Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd 2A D102 India www.mercuryindia.net
Messer Cutting Systems India Pvt. Ltd 2A A116 India www.messer-cs.in
Metal Forming Research Corporation 4 L104 Korea www.afdex.com
Metfab International 4 A126 India www.metfabindia.com;www.metclean.in
Ming Xu (Dongguan) Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd 4 B122 China www.mxpunch.com
Mitutoyo South Asia Pvt. Ltd 3A F104 India www.mitutoyoindia.com
Mogora Cosmic Pvt. Ltd 2A A106 India www.mogora.com
Movomech Sunnex India Pvt. Ltd 3A C120 India www.movomech.se
MTS Tooling Pvt. Ltd 3A N105 India www.mtstooling.com
Muratec / Meiban Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 4 C101 India www.meibanengg.com
Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd 3A D102 India www.muvtons.com
Narendra Press Tech Pvt Ltd 4 A134 India www.narendrapresstech.com
Naveen Hydrocontrols 3A A102 India www.cncpipebendingmachines.com
NCN Technologies 3A N101 India www.ncntechnologies.com
Nedschroef Herentals N.V 4 B103 Belgium www.nedschroef.be
Neumatica Technologies Pvt. Ltd 2A A118 India www.pressomaticglobal.com
Nexus Pneumatics Pvt Ltd 4 B130 India www.nexuspneumatics.com
Nidec Minster Corporation 4 C109 United States www.nidec-pa.com
Ningbo CFG Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd 3A C108 China www.cfgpresses.com
Ningbo Goanwin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 3A K112 China www.goanwin.com
Ningbo Zhenyu Technology Co.,Ltd 3A L108 China www.zhenyumould.com
Nisha Engineering Works 4 A137 India www.nishaengineeringworks.co.in
NT Engineers 3A A119 India www.ntengineers.in
Numalliance 4 B121 France www.numalliance.com
Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Pvt. Ltd 3A E102 India www.oerlikon.com/balzers/in
Orbital Systems (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. 3A A121 India www.orbitalsystems.net
Orcan Products of India 3A C103 India www.orcan.com
Ortlinghaus-Werke GMBH 3A G101 Germany www.ortlinghaus.com
Parametric Designs & Solutions 3A H101 India www.pds-fti.com
Patel Brass Turnomatics Pvt Ltd 3A A120 India www.patelbrass.com
Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt. Ltd 2A A105 India www.pshotblast.com
Patil Automation Pvt. Ltd 4 C114 India www.patilautomation.com
Pawan Precision 3A N107 India www.pawangroup.co.in
PBT AG Profilbiegetechnik 4 A124 Switzerland www.pbt.ch
PEFRD Tools 3A A104 India www.pferd.com
Pegasys Systems Pvt. Ltd 4 B119 India www.pegasyssystems.com
Penta Chutian Laser (Wuhan) Co., Ltd 4 B112 China www.pentachutian.com/en/
Polyworks Software India Pvt. Ltd 3A E104 India www.polyworks.in
Powertec Co., Ltd 4 C131 Korea www.jupowertec.co.kr
Precision Motion Industries Inc. (PMI) 3A A124 Taiwan www.pmi-amt.com.tw
Press Room Automation And Feed Fixtures (India) Pvt. Ltd 2A F106 India www.pressroomautomation.net
Prima Power India Pvt. Ltd 4 B105 India www.primapower.com
Pro-Arc Welding & Cutting Systems Pvt. Ltd 2A B112 India www.proarcindia.com
Purshotam Company Pvt. Ltd. 2A A101 India www.purshotam.com
Purvaj Engineers 2A B119 India www.purvajengineers.com
Qingdao Hongda Metal Forming Machinery Co., Ltd 3A L105a China www.hongdapress.com
Qingdao Qingduan Metalforming Machinery Co.,Ltd 3A K103 China www.qingduan.com
QVI India Pvt Ltd 3A B116 India www.qviindia.com
Rajesh Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 4 C115 India www.rajeshgizelis.com
Rapid Coat Division 3A B103 India www.rapidcoat.com  
Rational Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd 3A L106a China www.rational-en.com
Rattan Hammers 2A B111 India www.hammersindia.com
Rattan Machine Tools 2A B113 India www.rattanpresses.com
Ravi Industrial Corporation 4 F102 India www.ravipressbrakes.com
Ravik Engineers Pvt. Ltd 4 D101 India www.ravikengineers.com
Reliance Commercial Finance Ltd 4 Q104 India www.relianceada.com
Renqiu Chuangbo Welding Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd 3A K110 China
Ribal Metfab India Pvt Ltd 4 C126 India www.ribalmetfabindia.com
Riken Keiki Nara Mfg. Co.,Ltd 4 K102 Japan www.rikenkeikinara.co.jp
Ross Controls India Pvt. Ltd 3A G110 India www.rosscontrols.com
Royal Tech Engineers 3A D115 India www.comfortcastors.com
Rust -X /Hi-Tech International 3A E106 India www.rustx.net
S & T Machine Tools Pvt Ltd 4 B120 India www.stmachinetools.com
Safandarley B.V 4 A115 Netherlands Antilles www.safandarley.com
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd. 2A B106 India www.sltl.com
Sahajanand Technologies Pvt Ltd 4 C135 India www.stpl.com
Sai Springs / Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co. Ltd 4 C112 India www.saisprings.business.site
Salvagnini Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. 4 A102 India www.salvagninigroup.com
Samco Machinery India Pvt. Ltd 2A A119 India www.samco-machinery.com
Sandstorm Equipment Co. 4 A121 India www.sandstorm.net.in
Sanes Presses Co., Ltd 3A C116 Taiwan www.sanes-press.com
Sanmac Machines 4 A109 India www.sanmacmachines.com
Schmalz India Pvt. Ltd 3A G108 India www.schmalz.com
Schuler India Pvt. Ltd 4 B107 India www.schulergroup.com
Seal Jet Seals 4 Q101 India www.sealjetseals.com
Shandong Shansen CNC Technology Co., Ltd 3A L101 China www.sssk.com.cn
Shanghai Shanjia Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd 4 F103 China www.shanjia.com.cn
Shanghai Xinlun Superabrasives Co., Ltd 3A L106 China www.shxinlun.com.cn
Shenzhen Herolaser Equipment Co.,Ltd. 3A K101 China www.herolaser.net/
Shenzhen Jiarun Precise Mold Co., Ltd 4 Q105 China www.szjiarun.com
Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co. Ltd 3A A112 Taiwan www.seyi.com
Shreeji Marketing Corporation 3A N106 India www.shreejimkt.com
Shri Balaji Engineering Works 2A B108 India www.shribalajipresses.com
Shung Dar Industrial Co., Ltd 3A M107 Taiwan www.shungdar.com.tw
SigmaTEK Systems India Pvt. Ltd 3A C113 India www.sigmanest.com
Silini Press and Hammer Trade Srl 4 L103 Italy www.silinipress.com
Simco Spring Machinery Company 3A A116 Taiwan www.simcotw.com
Singhal Power Presses Pvt. Ltd 2A B104 India www.sewpresses.com
Sky Air Cooler 3A C127 India www.skyaircooler.com
Solarman Engineering Project (P) Ltd 4 C113 India www.haardmaster.com
Solution With Innovative Technologies 3A C123 India www.swit.in
Span Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd 3A B112 India www.sfspl.co.in
Spectrum Engineering Resources 4 L102 India www.spectrum-er.com
Spinks Impex 4 A125 India www.markolaser.com
Square Engineering Works 2A D104 India
Stamp IT Robotai & Solutions Pvt Ltd 4 A135 India www.stampitcnc.co.in
Statfield Equipment Pvt. Ltd. 3A D109 India www.statfieldequipments.com
Steel-Smith 3A B111 India www.steelsmith.com
Sterling Abrasives Ltd. 3A G103 India www.sterlingabrasives.com
Suhner India Pvt. Ltd 3A D112 India www.sunher.com
Sukrit Machine Tools 4 C122 India www.sukrit.in
Sunlube India Pvt. Ltd 4 Q103 India www.sunlubtech.com
Supra Industries 3A N109 India www.supraindustries.com
Supreme Metalforming Services 4 C124 India
Suresh Indu Lasers Pvt Ltd 4 B114 India www.silasers.com
Surya Machine Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd 3A A113 India www.suryamachines.com
Suzhou Boarding Industrial Co., Ltd 3A J107 China www.szboarding.com
Suzhou Tianhong Laser Co., Ltd 3A P112 China www.cthlaser.com
Swastik Engitech Pvt. Ltd 4 B111 India www.bansalpresses.com
Synergy Automation Systems 4 A117 India www.synergyautomationsystems.com 
System Engineers Cutting & Welding Pvt. Ltd 2A D101 India www.systemengineers.co.in
Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) 3A C130 Taiwan www.tami.org.tw
Tapco Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd 3A P103 India www.tapco.co.in
Tecna Weldcon India Pvt. Ltd 4 E102 India www.tecnaweldcon.com
Tenryu Saw India Pvt. Ltd 3A D113 India www.tenryu-saw.com
The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) 3A Q111 United Kingdom www.mta.org.uk 
Tool and Guage Manufacturers Association (TAGMA) 3A R105 India www.tagmaindia.org
Total Tools & Equipments (P) Ltd 4 C132 India www.euromac.com
Trumpf (India) Pvt. Ltd. 4 B101 India www.trumpf.com
Ucimu-Sistemi Per Produrre (UCIMU) 3A Q107 Italy www.ucimu.it
Ultramax Hydrojet Pvt. Ltd 3A D116 India www.hydrojet.co.in
Unitech Metalforming Technology Taiwan Co.Ltd 3A M108 Taiwan www.umtt.com.tw
United Traders 4 A113 India www.pqlaser.com
Universal Metrology and Allied Services 3A P105 India www.unimetgauges.com
Usha Fasteners Pvt Ltd 4 C121 India www.ushafasteners.com
V. V. Mineral 3A I102 India www.vvmineral.com
Vaccari S.P.A. 4 A132 Italy www.vaccaripresse.com
Valgro India Ltd 4 N102 India www.brushingmachine.com
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